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Happy1 Month Anniversary Sophia

Happy Anniversary Ms Sophia
Happy Anniversary to you!!!

Today is the one month anniversary of my new kidney. As many of you know I have named her Sophia. Sophia means wisdom. I thank God for the wisdom that I have been blessed to obtain these 12 years on dialysis. Sophia is functioning excellent. She has really changed my life. The gift of the kidney transplant is an amazing experience.

I thank God or the person who checked YES I want to be a donor on their driver’s license. If you have never thought about it ,please do. It is a gift you can give some one even when your life has come to and end. A small part of you lives on. it really takes a forward thinking individual to check YES.

So today for our one month anniversary, I think we are going to drink us the biggest sonic drink they make. Then I am going to allow her to drink as many Calypso’s as she wants. Yes as Snoop Dog says, Today is a good day!!

Be Blessed.


What Can I Eat Now?

Kidney location after transplantation. Adapted...

Kidney location after transplantation. Adapted from the original source to enlarge labels, and to fix a labelling error – “artery” and “vein” were transposed. See this discussion on the English Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you know I have had a kidney transplant. When you are on dialysis you have a restricted diet . Your kidneys process a lot of impurities out of your body. When the kidneys do not work properly you have to miss out on so many different food because your body will not process them correctly. So I could not eat oranges,watermelon,yogurt, beans, chili and the list goes on.

But now that i have a fully functioning kidney(her name is Sophia) the possibilities are wide open. I watch TV like a kid picking out Christmas present. when a yogurt commercial comes on I say ,I am gonna eat that . Then I am gonna eat this. so weird and funny. I know I can not make up for 12 years of restrictions in two weeks, but I can try . 🙂

March is National Kidney Awareness Month . Get to know what this organ does for your body. You will better understand how to take care of your body and keep it healthy. www.foxnews.com/…/national-kidney-month-get-to-know-the . When you visit your DR. get him to test your kidney function. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes get checked. Get these two issues under control. Life is too wonderful and too important . Live your best life.  Use wisdom from God and medical science to assist you in the  choices that you make. Be good to yourself .

Go Get it  Go Get your blessing !!! Its your time.

Transitioning to my NEW Normal

Living in a place called Grateful

Living in a place called Grateful


Got some really great fantastic and wonderfully joyous news to share . I received a kidney transplant on Feb 21st. Many of you might not know that I had End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD). What it means in English is that my kidneys stopped working to filter and clean my blood. The also did not make urine any more. I have been on dialysis for 12 yrs. Yes 12 years. Ten of those years i no longer made pee. No wee-wee.

But thanks be to God my 12 years with an issue of blood has ended. I have transitioned to my new normal. So i am writing this from UAB transplant floor. I have had this new kidney for 6 days. I had to remember what it is like to urinate.:0  After 10 years it is a strange sensation. But I like it.   So I will write some reg post and then some Transition to new normal post.

I never lost my faith and trust in God. I would ask him from time to time do you see me. He would answer yes. I continued to do the work that God had commissioned me to do as His ambassador. Now I will forge ahead with even more zeal and wisdom. So excited for my transition and my blessing.

Must mention the family that lost the loved one that had the kidney. I bless them for their forethought. To think ahead in a time of such great loss. To want to improve the life of a total stranger while in your own grief. That is love ,pure love of Christ. I pray for them and thank them so so much.

By the way I named my new kidney Sophia. I like to name stuff and I love that name. Me and Sophia are planning a trip out of the country by next year. Lots of things to do and see and share. Be blessed and remember that God knows the end from the beginning. When He created you He knew your ups and downs. He made provision for you. Allow Him to work his will and way out in your life as you transition to your new normal. And like I always say: