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A Beautiful Wedding in Chicago

A Beautiful Wedding in Chicago


Its been a while since I have posted . I have been traveling , visiting family and friends. Just recently  we  traveled to Chicago to attend my husbands nephews wedding. He is an Ethiopian Hebrew. I have never attended a Jewish wedding so needless to say I was excited to attend. I looked some video up on YouTube. Found them very interesting .  I must admit I was interested to see what a Jewish wedding with a African-American flair would be.

Well the wedding was beautiful. I mean really meaningful and beautiful. There we some similarities with a “regular wedding”. They had brides maids and grooms man, flower girls and ring bearers. The rabbi explained explains some things before the wedding begins. The bride and groom stand under a canopy called a chuppah. They are the only ones under the chuppah. The rabbi says to them both ” There is no one under here but you two then that is the only ones that need to be involved in your marriage. You are his best friend and he is yours, Now that is some good advice.

Now here is the beautiful part. The bride circles the groom and says 7 times, I will obey. Now I know you 21st century women are saying -OBEY. Yes obey . Maybe that is why you are still single. But that subject is for another blog post.  Any way now the groom circles the bride 7 times and says the following. I will work for you. I will support you. I will honor you. I will love you. I will care for you. I will

As I sat in the audience I was thinking if the rabbi keeps this up all these women are going to be looking for a Jewish hubby. All the women in the audience were in agreeance  by the sounds I heard . The rabbi says to the bride that there will be no do you have your half od the rent. The rent and bills are the groom’s responsibility.

They exchange rings. The Rabbi ask each of them if the rings belong to them. Because who ever owns the ring will be who the bride belongs to. The drink a glass of wine to show that their lips are cleansed . The rabbi says as you have pressed your lips on the glass your lips now should not press another’s but each others.  How beautiful. everything was explained and had a meaning. They both then sighed a marital contract in front of the congregation. He did tell them that their friend were not qualified to give them counsel on marriage. The bride and groom should seek some one who has been married for a good amount of time like 40-50 years.

There was one hiccup. The bride fainted because of the heat and the fact she had not eaten all day. The rabbi says  jokingly bring a chair she can’t get out of it now by fainting. I learned some new things at a wedding. I erased some misunderstandings and had a new appreciation for the words that were said at the ceremony.

As the bride was in the chair the groom kissed his bride. He stepped on the glass and the congregation yelled Mozel Tov. Blessings and congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bullock.  It was truly beautiful. A young couple sealing and celebrating their love by making a commitment before God and congregation.  We had a great time spending time with family and friends.