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Dealing with offenses

Greetings and Salutations,
I have been away from the blog for a minute.Many of you know that I have been participating in the   40 Day surrender fast with Dr Celeste Owens. It has been more than beneficial to my spirit man and to my flesh. I have had to put the flesh under subjection. It has allowed me to think clearer and to hear from God in an awesome way.  It was one of the best moves I made since I’ve been in Alabama.

Tonight I was watching a video by Micheal Hyatt. He has this wonderful program called Platform University where he teaches you to use different social media. However the video on you tube was about dealing with offenses. Something I know too,too well.

There was a time in my life when I was not able to deal with offenses. I was so thin skinned that it was crazy. I was a professional grudge holder as well. If you offended me in any way, I was going to get you. I would say-When you least expect it, Expect it. It was insane.

I read a quote when I lived in Maryland  that I have never forgotten.-Conflict is inevitable,But combat is optional.  Which means there will always be some type of conflict,offenses or criticism. But you do not have to act out ,act ungodly,unseemly because of it.  God told us in his word that offenses will come. He also told us that we are overcomers through Him that loves us. Use the energy from the offense as fertilizer for your growth in the Lord. No I am not saying that they will not hurt, sting or burn. But through the Holy Spirit and His guidance and leading you will pass this test also.

Through the patience of the Lord, I am no longer a grudge holder. I learned through trial and error how to let go and let God. I learned to forgive and keep it moving. My prayer for you is that you submit that area of your life to God. Allow him to mold you, shape you into the best YOU that you can be. His greatest desire for you is to become an image of His dear son Jesus Christ .

Here is link to video

And as always:                         GO GET IT, GO GET YOUR BLESSING


Late night utterances

I am up late workingon my new book. due out in mid March. Tomorrow is my birthday.  The more I look at myself ,I can see so much progress. Still pressing forward to see all the magnificant stuff God has for me. reflecting on my mom. The more I look inthe mirror the more I see her. Miss her so much.  See you later Ms Logan. and Happy birthday to me!! Now wheres my

Go Get Your Blessing!!!

Visiting my Sister

Hey family,

    I am in Atlanta GA. My sis moved to Conyers GA last year. Down for a little Vaca. And to get some good BBQ. Also hoping to get a view of NeNe or Honey Boo Boo.  Could not find any good BBQ in Alabama . They use too much vinegar. Thankful  for family . And for a second chance. Things have been a little shaky in the past but God is a God of reconciliation. We were up to 1AM just talking and laughing and reminiscing. It was sooo Good for my soul. We talked about the paradigm shift I am experiencing.  If you have a not so smooth space with family, reach out and straighten it out. Life is short, dont miss out on love from family. Sweeter than vanilla ice cream!! Until next time family. Go Get Your Blessing!!!!

You are standing on the threshold of…

Have you ever been in a state of anticipation so great that you could not contain your excitement. If so you do , then you can almost know how i am feeling right now. God has ordained somethings to be completed in my life and yours  that no devil in hell can block. Reach out for him. Real relationship with Him will bring all things forth. Real relationship with Him is more than a Sunday morning meeting. Real relationship with Him is a all night love affair. You meet Him wherever you can, in the kitchen while you are cooking, on the way to school, at the grocery. wherever and when ever you can. Real relationship is vital. my prayer is for real relationship. Seek it, covet it , run after it and acquire it.  Go Get it Go Get your blessing!1 It’s your time.  I know it’s mine. Be Blessed.

Give it up and Turn it loose!!!

Watching Noel Jones preaching “Something is Happening to Me”.  so appropriate because something Is happening to me. The fast has begun to reshape my thinking. I am open to the paradigm shift God is wanting to perform in me. My prayer is that each of  you allow God to do a new work in you.  The word for this year is begin to  see things,people,and situations they way that God does. Remove your opinion and perspective  from the equation.  Give it up and turn it loose.

Go Get Your Blessing!!