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1st Day of 40 Day Surrender Fast

Greetings and Salutations,

Today is the 1st Day of the 40 Day Surrender Fast. I am fasting from negativity and from TV. Yes no TV for 40 days. Hard . Yes . But gaining a closer relationship with God and being able to hear him clearer is worth it.  I already got rid of a big chunk of negativity. Moving on towards not speaking any or receiving any.

Havent watched any TV this morning. Good start for me.  I love to watch TV. But I love God more. So 39 more days to go.

Several people from my church-College Hill Baptist Church  Tuscaloosa Al- are participating  in the fast as well.  Our pastor has called a meatless fast on Wed for our church. So this goes hand in hand .

If you are interested in  knowing more about the 40 Day Surrender Fast visit .

Continue to pray for me and I will be praying for you.

40 Day Surrender Fast

40 Day Surrender Fast

Just want to introduce you to a great opportunity. Dr Celeste Owens has written a book-40 Day Surrender Fast. It is a great book. If yu are tired of living the way you have been try this on for size. Visit her site The 4th pas of the fast begins Dec 31. You cn participate without the book.  It is a fast from different things in your life that might beholding you back. It’s not just aboutf40 day surrender fastasting from food. Although food has held me back a long time. It’s about surrendering your self to the Lord and allowing him to speak tp you, to begin to direct and mold you. Check it out. I will be beginning on dec 31. I am fasting from negativity , receiving negativity from others and giving and speaking negativity myself.   Will keep you informed.